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About Us

Lamb Real Estate was formed with the belief that every client and project is equally important and deserves specialized attention. Whether dealing with a private investor or representative of a large corporation, Mark Lamb is personally involved from the very first phone call.

Mark Lamb brings over 25 years of real estate experience to each project he touches. He believes in treating every aspect of the company portfolio uniquely by offering custom solutions and results-oriented services to each project. Sitting with the client to discuss alternative routes of action to accomplish the desired goal results in providing individually tailored solutions to people's commercial real estate needs.

Lamb Real Estate specializes in the development, management, leasing, and sale of commercial real estate properties including shopping centers, offices, retail space, multi-family and assited living properties. We represent a diverse client base from national and regional corporations such as US Cellular to local property owners. Our expanding portfolio spans across Nebraska and includes leasing assignments in South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Our Mission

At Lamb Real Estate, our mission is to treat every client as our most important client and create custom-tailored services to meet their real estate goals. Understanding that no two clients, projects, or properties are the same, we offer result-oriented solutions to maximize capital investment backed by many years of professional industry experience. In development, management, leasing, and sales, we adhere to the highest industry standards and strive to raise them beyond expectation. Knowing our clients on a personal level, developing specialized solutions, and giving hands-on attention allows us to enhance investment results and focuses every real estate goal we set out to accomplish.

The Founder

Mark Lamb-President

President Mark Lamb is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). Lamb is a licensed real estate agent through the Nebraska and Iowa Real Estate Commissions, a Certified Shopping Center Manager (CSM) and Real Property Administrator (RPA). Mark Lamb first started his 25 year career in property management and leasing. Before founding Lamb Real Estate, he oversaw property management for other local firms and specialized in leasing, development and management.


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