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Welcome to the Village at Falcon Ridge Homeowners Association!

Village at Falcon Ridge Current News

As Of 02/09/2018

Snow Removal:  After hearing opinions of the homeowners at the annual meeting, we have made a couple adjustments to the snow removal process.

1)     If we get sleet or ice, the snow removal company will come out and salt driveways and sidewalks. (Currently, they are just doing streets.)

2)     If we receive one (1) inch or more of snow, the snow removal company will be out to plow and shovel. (In the past, this limit was set at 2 inches)

During snow season, it is extremely important to keep your driveways as clear as possible. As this is a new company and still learning the expectations for our HOA, please let Lamb know if there are any issues. Our priority is always to ensure everyone’s safety on the grounds.

Trash Cans:  Trash and recycling is scheduled to pick up on Mondays (except on holidays and major snow days). Trash and recycle bins are required to be stored in your garage following trash collection. We’ve noticed an increase on bins being stored outside, which is against covenant rules. Anyone leaving their bins outside, will result in a $10.00 per day fine.

Dogs:  Please be a responsible pet owner and leash your pet when they are outside. We have had complaints of dogs being unleashed, which is against city ordinance. Please make sure to pick up after your pets as we’ve had multiple complaints of dog poop not being picked up. Anyone caught not picking up after their pet will result in a $25.00 fine per incident.  The board has approved a one-time clean-up this year in the Spring. Please help keep our neighborhood looking nice.

As Of 12/29/2017

Village at Falcon Ridge Condo Association will hold its annual meeting Wednesday, January 17, 2018.  The meeting will be held in the fellowship hall at St. Thomas Lutheran Church located at 17007 Q St. at 6:30 pm.

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