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Lamb Real Estate undertakes a wide-range of development projects from new construction to redevelopment.

When working on new construction projects, we are available to help at any phase or aspect of the project, whether it be in the very beginning with site selection and acquisition or helping lease the completed project. We develop a clear set of objectives to begin the building process, and undertake all necessary measures to ensure we reach those goals as a team.

In the beginning, we are available for conceptual consultation. We are able to professionally analyze the financial feasibility of the potential property and construct a budget to ensure our clients stay on-track fiscally. Our company easily orchestrates the coordination of multiple real estate development disciplines, from architects to contractors to financial investors, into a project team that will execute the development goals our clients have planned with us. Specifically, with large projects where numerous investors may be required, we are able to call upon our 20+ years of industry relations to assemble willing and able investment groups.

Our redevelopment projects can range from extensive redesigns to cosmetic enhancements that require many of the same services as a new construction project. Fiscal and market assessments are equally important for these projects as the return on investment may not be worth the envisioned redevelopment. At Lamb Real Estate, we’ll give our clients an honest assessment of their financial risks and alternatives. We always want our clients to realize their maximum capital improvement throughout every construction project.

Lamb Real Estate helps clients meet any and all of their new construction and redevelopment goals. We are willing to work with any requests a client may have and are interested in talking about them in person. We provide free consultation services and custom-tailored solutions for any clients interested in commercial real estate development.

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