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Lamb Real Estate can oversee the leasing process for owners and tenants alike, ensuring we obtain the maximum value from a property. Currently, Lamb Real Estate has leasing assignments in 10 cities throughout Nebraska. We also have assignments in South Dakota, Kansas, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

We help tenants in need of commercial space locate and acquire a site that will produce the greatest profits for their business. Whether a local business owner or a large corporation such as our clients U.S. Cellular, Sam & Louie’s and Wendy’s, we will personally assist throughout the entire leasing process to protect our client’s interests and enhance their capital investment. From intelligent site selection and acquisition to accurate estimations of construction costs to negotiating the lease agreement, we will perform any amount of critical market analysis to enable our clients to make educated decisions. Every negotiation and all decisions made should be fully exposed and transparent to the client. Honest answers, in-depth research, and custom-tailored services are Lamb Real Estates strategy to meeting any leasing goals.

Through various methods, we locate tenants for property owners of offices, retail spaces, and larger shopping centers. We can develop marketing and advertising strategies to locate and match responsible tenants and property owners. Through tenant prequalification and lease negotiations, we can protect owners and tenants from entering into an agreement that is detrimental to either party. We can easily mediate discussions about construction and maintenance needs using our 20+ years of professional real estate leasing experience. Our goal is to professionally assess and review potential tenants, so property owners can rest assured their assets are protected and to exercise our honest, ethical judgment to ensure both parties enter into a lease agreement that will be mutually beneficial.

Lamb Real Estate can provide any level of individualized leasing services. We are willing to work with any requests a client may have and are interested in talking about them in person. We provide free consultation services and custom-tailored solutions for any clients in need of commercial real estate leasing representation.

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