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Lamb Real Estate offers customized solutions for superior management services of our clients’ properties.

Every property is unique, so we offer exclusive to individually tailored management agreements. Professional, responsible, high-quality management requires personalized services, and we take the time to give each property the in-depth assessment it deserves. For Lamb Real Estate, personalized attention requires travel. Currently, we have management assignments spread throughout 5 NE cities. We are always interested in expanding throughout the Midwest to give our clients the attention and care they deserve.

Lamb Real Estate’s hands-on approach to management, allows them to sit with every potential client and discuss the best management strategy for their property. We are able provide any number of services, including: asset management, financial reporting, maintenance and repairs, and rent collection. Accounting services are also available, along with assistance overseeing operational and capital budgets. Part of our commitment to excellence in management includes improving the bottom line, and we are able to recommend ways to enhance capital investment through redevelopment and bringing together financial investors.

Office, retail, and multi-family properties, as well as, HomeOwners Associations across Nebraska have benefited from our custom-designed management strategies. Whether we only need to provide accounting services or manage the entire property, we will develop clear goals and objectives to ensure professional, integrity-driven management is always maintained.

Lamb Real Estate can provide any level of personalized property management services. We are willing to work with any requests a client may have and are interested in talking about them in person. We provide free consultation services and custom-tailored solutions for any clients in need of commercial real estate property management.

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