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Lamb Real Estate’s extensive industry experience is ready to help clients looking to sell or invest in commercial real estate properties.

Mark Lamb's 21 years of real estate experience has garnered many invaluable relationships, specifically investor relations. When a client is ready to sell, Lamb is able to assemble investment groups to obtain adequate financial support and move the sale of properties along at a comfortable pace. Through complete market exposure using tools such as LoopNet, Lamb Real Estate is able to bring buyers, sellers, and investors together easily and effectively to ensure optimal financial results for all parties.

Clients unsure about whether or not to sell a property will benefit greatly from our hands-on approach to real estate. We give every property a thorough and accurate analysis of its market value and recommend potential improvements to enhance the net worth. We are able and ready to assist with financial analysis of return on investment and offer income tax and 10-31 exchange assessments.

Whether a client wants to buy, sell, or invest, we have the properties, relationships, and experience to professionally represent all interested parties. We are willing to travel across the Midwest to analyze any property and are fully able to provide customized strategies and personalized solutions to enhance the capital gain and real estate sales experience for all our clients. Lamb Real Estate can provide any level of personalized sales services. We are willing to work with any requests a client may have and are interested in talking about them in person. We provide free consultation services and custom-tailored solutions for any clients in need of commercial real estate sales representation.

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